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Why Accolade Windows and Doors?

At Accolade Windows and Doors, we make window replacement simple. We are locally owned within the city of Austin, TX, and have been in the window and door replacement industry since 2001.

Window replacement is an important investment and can be frustrating if not done correctly. We have perfected the replacement process so that you have a seamless experience.


At Accolade Windows and Doors, we strive to provide service that will not only satisfy your needs but also earn a recommendation from you to family, friends, and acquaintances. Our service starts when we first meet you.

Most customers don’t start out knowing that much about windows, patio doors, or siding. Most just know they’re tired of looking at the problems they’ve been ignoring and have finally want to address them.

Today’s insulated windows and patio doors, regardless of make/model are significantly better performers than the 20-plus-year-old ones we typically replace.

We find that the differences among products that matter most to customers come down to design: What are the frame material selections, dimensions, build quality, configuration and color options? These are the factors that determine price and style. If you want to go deep on product technicals we are happy to provide and discuss the product data. We aim to shoot straight, arming you with enough decision-making information, but not so much you’re overloaded.

We want to understand what your house is like and what your hopes for the exterior of your home are. We get excited about the possibilities that investing in your home’s exterior appearance bring. And we make it our mission to help you get as close to your ideal change as we possibly can.


Beyond design, our service extends into the installation of the product you ultimately choose. New doors, windows and siding should have decades of service ahead of them. But without quality installation, products cannot meet their real-world performance requirements. That’s why we are exacting on the production side of our business. We take pains to ensure that our measurements for window and door projects are triple-checked for accuracy before orders can be placed. In addition, our installation crew is the best in the city. Our window and door installers are professionals who specialize in correctly setting a full range of fenestration products so that you can expect leak-free, proper function over the long haul.


There’s also an aesthetic element to installation of windows and doors that should be appreciated. Finish work can make or break your satisfaction with the outcome of your project. A plumb, level and true installation is vital for each window to function properly, but a technically correct installation with sloppy caulk-work, mortar or casing is an eyesore that doesn’t accomplish the objectives of most homeowners investing in replacement products.

From an installation standpoint, the know-how for installing siding is critical to its function. By far the favored siding products in Texas are made of fiber cement from James Hardie. Their extensive line of product profiles, trim and color options lend the authenticity and character of wood products while eliminating so many of the problematic aspects associated with wood siding and trim. And while fiber cement comes closest to approximating its wooden counterpart, it doesn’t install like wood does and is a technically demanding to install correctly and unforgiving of incorrect installation technique. That’s why we monitor our siding installations so closely to ensure that James Hardie best practices for installation are adhered to consistently for beauty that lasts.